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Is your estate planning law firm suffering
from poor social media presence?

  • You don’t know how to “connect” with people online.
  • It takes you forever to write content.
  • You send marketing emails but hear nothing.
  • No one sees the blog posts you write or mentions them to you.
  • You lose prospects to less-quality law firms with more money.
  • You feel like what you publish out to the world doesn’t matter.
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If so, the Legal Social Academy will help you create a social media presence that prospects connect with.

How to Improve Your Social Media Marketing

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Meet Your Guides

Roslyn Drotar-Cassidy

Having spoken nationally for esteemed estate and elder law organizations, Roslyn is more than just a seasoned marketer—she's your trusted guide in the legal marketing landscape. With a wealth of experience working alongside 1,000 estate planning law firms across the United States, she understands the unique challenges and opportunities in the field. Roslyn's expertise spans various facets of legal marketing, with a special focus on digital marketing, strategic planning, marketing research, database marketing, social media, company branding, and business development. Her skill set is a testament to her ability to provide creative, innovative, and forward-thinking leadership, all within a collaborative team environment. She has 5 boys, and her husband is a teacher and coaches multiple sports. In the “extra” time, she loves every minute of time spent with family and friends. She cannot wait to share her purpose story with you as to WHY working with estate planning and elder law attorneys lights her up!

Dana Alley

With over a decade of marketing experience, Dana has mastered the art of connecting high-caliber estate planning lawyers with hardworking families and individuals who hold their legacies dear. Dana's knack lies in demystifying the intricacies of legal marketing. She enjoys educating lawyers and their teams, enabling them to streamline and optimize their marketing strategies. Her talent lies in simplifying the intricate, empowering legal professionals to forge strong connections with their clients, making a profound impact on their lives. Above all, Dana is committed to bridging the gap between legal expertise and the families and individuals who benefit the most. She's more than just a marketer; she's your ally on the journey to connect with those who seek your guidance in safeguarding their legacies. When she’s not working with lawyers, Dana enjoys riding horses, tending to chickens, and sharing the joys of country life with her husband and two sons.

What Is Your Weak Social Media Strategy Costing You?


If you’re a great attorney (YOU ARE!), but the monthly numbers just aren’t where you want them to be, there’s good news and bad news.

The bad news?

You’ve got a crappy social media marketing strategy. Your prospects don’t really understand how you can help them. So, they go and buy from someone with messaging they understand.

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What Do I Get With the Course?

Module 1: 
Develop Your Brand Story
  • Writing your Brand Story. 
  • Use Your Brand Story Map as your marketing content guide.
  • Create a law firm culture around your Brand Story Map.   
Module 2:
Introduction to Social Media Marketing for Attorneys
  • Organizing your content for success. 
  • Whip your social accounts into shape through inside tips and optimizations.
  • Generating content ideas that align with your brand story
  • Transforming ideas to blogs, social posts, emails, and more.
  • Visuals & Graphic Design Essentials
Module 3:
Introduction to Email Marketing
  • Building and Segmenting Your Email List
  • Create beautiful email templates.
  • How to write emails that people will read
  • Harness the power of lead-magnets


Module 4:
Advanced Social Media Marketing
  • Analyzing and Adapting Your Strategy
  • Reputation Management
  • Creating Brand-Story-Related Content on a Regular Basis
  • Repurposing high-performing content.
Module 5:
Advanced Email Marketing
  • Automating Your Email Marketing
  • Nurture Campaigns 
  • A/B Testing and Optimization
Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls, Q&A Sessions, and Bonus Modules Galore Like
  • Leveraging Ai As Your Social Media Marketing Assistant 
  • Earning Google Reviews & What to Do With Them
  • Identifying Holes In Your Marketing With A “Lead Map”
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